Saturday, October 10, 2015

He's Home!!

Elder Lott Made it home! Safe and Sound, and he's enjoying life back in Montana! 

We found him at the Airport! :) 

He's Excited to be home! :) 

But even more excited to put on a pair of shorts and some cowboy boots! 
And get out in the woods and do some hunting! 

Welcome Home Elder Lott!

September 28, 2015

Well here is the last week we had its been a good long hard ride and i am sad its come to an end but now more things are going to begin as well.

So Monday we ended up helping Amy move all of Jeremiah's stuff from his apartment to her's as he lost him housing due to getting arrested and she didn't tell his apartment manager cause she says its none of his business. So after we got done we had a lesson with Amerikiss and then we tried a couple 3 others then headed home.

Tue- We went out and helped Bro. Bryan move some stuff out of his garage and then moved more stuff back into it, Then we went to get some lunch at Mc'Ds as amy forgot she was going to feed us lunch I got a BBQ pork sandwich then we ate up and went to see Jeremiah, had a quick visit with him. We were supose to see Tiana with bro bryan but she had to work so we went to see Clair and Dalton as they were home we had a super Amazing lesson asked about baptism and what their hold ups were then he invited them over for dinner on sunday night. and church on sunday. After that we went to dinner with the franzlubbers and had a lesson on missionary work and we shared our testimonys of missionary work. Then we came back to town we saw Amerikiss again to finish up her lesson. Then we headed home.

Wed- We had a meeting in Omaha which took up all day it was for District Leaders and their companions and the zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was a great meeting i was sad thought it was at the end of my time as a district leader and not sooner but it was still good to be able to attend it. Then we went on exchanges with the Deer creek elders i went with Elder Telford and we had a super great lesson with one of their investigators we set her and her son both for baptism and they said yes!! Then we went to try 2 other people the one guy only spoke Italian so it was hard to speak to him. Then we headed for home watched it rain like crazy and we had some thunder that sounded like a bomb went off. Then we went to bed.

Thur- Was my last District Meeting and it was hard for me i really enjoyed the training for finding which i gave and then we went to lunch at Chik-fa-la and then we drove home we stopped by the doctors as i had thought i had an ear infection but had to schedule it for Friday. Then we had our baptismal interview for Amerikiss adn we didnt have a baptism form so we tried to one but couldn't she passed we just have to fill one out. Then we had dinner back out. We had a lesson with Amy with bro. Lloyd we were supose to see Josh but he was not home. Then Bro. Lloyd got us some Mc'Ds for dinner.

Fri- Went to the doctors i had some wax build up in my ear and they flushed it she said i had fluid on both ears so i got some meds to clear it up i hope it does before the plane ride home so. When we went to pick up my perscription we saw a less active sister Brown so we visited with her and then got our stuff we did some service at Joseph's Coat we moved all the box's and put them in order of years newest to oldest, then vacuumed  went to dinner with sister Thompson. We had a lesson with Logan Otsby a new investigator we had a law of chastity lesson with him.

Sat- We got a text from the Schmidt's asking if we could help them with the lawn as joe broke his foot bad we figured it would be a good idea. So we went over helped out we ate some lunch joe showed us his new Mini Crossbow. Then we went out to Tekayma to try a less active named Ashley, her boyfriend said it was not a good time. So then we went by the Burt's and had a good time visiting with them. Then on our way home i let Elder Benally practice Drive home cause he is working to get his licence. So he almost drove off the road once but we made it then we hit a mud spot and he lost control and we hit the embankment on the right side of the road and broke off the fog light so i got in and got us unstuck then drove it home zip tied the plastic skirting back up and we went to dinner with the Lloyds we had hay stacks. Then we went out to the Mann's house to help work on the Apartment renovations. Stopped by to see Amy at the Gas station on the way home.

Sun- Was church we had 2 investigators come Josh who is 17 and Bridger from last week he came with his wife and kids. So it was really good Josh got to stay for 2 hrs then had to leave but it was good, after church we went to see sister golden and gave her the sacrament then we gave it to the Rodenbaughs. Then we went to see the Ward's and after that we went out to dinner with the Bryan's we had pizza in the Brick oven and some good pie for desert and then we had a couple other people i said good bye to and then we headed home.

Well I am filled with all sorts of emotions right now as i am finishing my last Email home as a missionary its crazy to see that 2 years went by in the Blink of an Eye and the song from Kenny Chesney Don't blink cause just like that you take a nap and you wake up and your on a mission. Next think i know i will be getting married and greater things will come I love you all thanks for all the suport and help you have all given me out here while i have served here in N.O.M! It truly has been Great i love the lord. I will see you all again soon. LOVE ELDER WYATT PETER LOTT! God be with you until we meet again!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

He's Coming Home- September 24, 2015

Wyatt flies in in one week! His homecoming talk will be at the Corvallis Ward, in Corvallis Montana on October 18, 2015. We are looking forward to him coming home and hearing all about his mission!

September 21, 2015

Well this was a Good Week for us here in NOM!

<MON- Was a good day we went out did some Emails. Then we did a little shopping we went back to the house i worked on Writing Letters to a couple 3 people. Then we went to dinner out to the Nelsen's house it was a very nice time with them. After we went to see the Vorthmann's and we went over the Plan of Salvation for Amerikiss who we set for Baptism.

<TUE- We were supose to go out to help the North's and we did we went out to help them with some work on their house we started off moving some stuff from the Garage to the shed. Then moved a safe up to the Garage. Tried the 2nd one but it was way to much for the 2 of us to get up the stairs alone. Then we started on the Drop seiling for them. We ate some lunch visited. He told us about how he has his FFL licence. Then we had to go see Jeremiah with Bro. Lloyd so we left visited with him and then came back. Bro. North had to lay down so sister North had us do some stuff she needed done. Then i asked if she wanted us to finish the stuff he had us working on she said no. so we went got changed. Went out to have dinner with the Mann family we had pork sandwiches and then we went out to play around with Jack the Ram! Then we came back in shared a message and then we went to try Sister Long a new movin we had so finally got hold of her left her our info got her's and then we went to have a lesson with Amerikiss, We went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

<WED- Today we had a little slower day we went to see Sister Peltz and Read a chapter of the BoM with her then we went to see sister golden. We texted James Bolden (black james) he told us he was moving to Texas and so we asked him to get us his info so we could send the missionarys out there to see him. We also tried to see James Watt's ( white jame's) but he was out of town. Jenifer was looking for a new job as she got fired. We did see the Rocha family had a good visit with them for a while and that ended the Day. We had some Super good BLT's For dinner thanks to Sister Thompson she is so great.

<Thur- We had district Meeting and so we drove down to Omaha and We started the Meeting they changed the way we did things a little so we had to watch the District Video to account just as they do in it. Then we had a training on Planning with the spirit. And i trained on Making a Vision, Goal and Plan. so we made one for our District. Then we went had lunch, We had to go by the Mission Office to drop off our Gas Receipts and then we headed back home we had service at Joseph's Coat we bagged tons of bottles of juice and soda and water. Then we hit up Goodwill and untagger old clothes. We left to make it to dinner with the Fullmers we had some Pork stew thing it was good. Then we left from there and had a lesson with Amerikiss on Commandments. Then we had a lesson with Josh a new investigator it went well we covered the Restoration. Then we headed home.

<FRI- We had weekly planning until 1 were we went to see Jeremiah again and we had another really good visit with him he was stressing hard over court on Tuesday so we hope and pray it goes well for him. Then we went by to see Rob Craig as his sister said he would be a good one for us to visit. So when we were walking up to the house Bridger said to us " We are all Mormons here!"  so i told him That's Great so are we. He had thought we were Jehovah witnesses but it turns out Bridger has not been baptized yet so we asked him. Would you like to be Baptized? and he said he would like to start coming to church so  we are going to start teaching him.Then we wen to dinner with the Pond family we went to Jake's. After that we went to see Amerikiss to finish up on the Commandments and we got it finished then we had to head home and it was raining.

<SAT- We went to the Library and had elder benally take his practice test for getting his drivers licence since him and elder williams both didn't have one its been hard so i convinced him to get his. The Library was having a free lunch put on by the Washington county Bank so we ate there then we called to see if we could give any service at the rummage sale they said they wouldn't have much for us to do. so we tried to see everyone we could. Well then it was super nice out side so we walked around town figuring some one would be out well not one was due to the Apply jack festival in Nebraska city. Also the Huskers were playing so everyone i guess was preoccupied with other activity's. We were going to see Amy but she was sick. We tried the Campbell's but they didn't answer the door.

<SUN- Stake Conference talked a lot about Temple attendance, Scripture study and Missionary work. Then we had to go home get Elder Benally Service Cloths and then we drove up to Arlington to help clean up form the big sale they had this last week well they were basically done when we got there i guess clean up was easier than set up. So we drove back to Blair got changed took the sacrament to sister Golden, Then we tried a less active Sister Fimbrese she was sick so we texted her to see if she would like a blessing but she said no. So then we visited with this older guy in the park as he was watching his grand-kids for a while so i gave him a BHL card (because he lives card) #BECAUSE HE LIVES! Then we went to dinner with the Jensen's we had beef enchiladas and for our lesson we had them teach us the lesson of the Restoration. Then we left we got a text asking if we could give a blessing to Sterling and Jeff Nelsen so we went over gave them both blessing then we went to our lesson with Amerikiss and her mom said she wants to wait for her to learn more before she is baptized and so we are going to go see her about not waiting cause we all continue to learn and grow as we go to church and Read and study stuff so Please pray that she will see she is ready and we will still have our baptism on Thursday. Well I love you all. Love Elder Lott

September 14, 2015

This was a good week hope you enjoy reading it!

Mon- Was spent out in Fremont and hung out with the elders out there played cards are some pizza and then went to help a member move some food storage before we had to head out for dinner. We ate with the Broadheads and had a good time there then we went to see the Otsby's and had a little FHE with them before calling it a night.

Tue- Was Emails cause the library was closed Monday. Then we went to the thrift stores to see if we could do service for them most asked for Thursday for us to come back then. We spent some time at the Jail with Jeremiah and them we went tracting kind of we went to try Kylle Wallice a guy we had given a Because he lives card and asked if we could come see what he thought of it. He didn't answer the door. Then we had a lesson with Amerikiss a less actives daughter she has been asking about baptism and her mom said she would like her to be taught so we are teaching her. The we were suppose to have dinner with James watt's but he had to cancel due to his girlfriend doesn't like us so we had an offer to go eat with the Whites well they canceled too due to some family activity's going on. So we went to sis. Golden's house and had dinner with her as she has been sad she hasn't fed us in months. then we went to drop off a spanish bible and BOM, Restoration Pamphlet. We then tried the Campbells but brandon was not home so we left.

Wed- We went to another thrift store to talk to the manager there she said she would love help from us so that was good and i bought myself a Nebraska Flat billed hat. Then we went to try a refurral we had been given who lived in Lakeland well she was not home so we left a card and will go back soon. We went to Kennard to try a move in we had a while back with sister mann and sister Amandus who was there at her house but they asked to reschedual for a different day. so we headed out to Omaha for our exchange with Deer Creek Elders Elder Telford and Elder Pitcher. We had some Taco bell for lunch then Elder Pitcher and i loaded up the truck and headed for home. We stopped in to have a lesson with Kelsey and Joe but it ended up being Kelsey and Cricket her mom. We went over the Plan of Salvation which seemed to go well. Then we went to dinner out tin Herman with the Old People Group they call it some of the older couples get together once a month to have dinner and do their home teaching. It was good. Then after we went and had a lesson with Amerikiss and we went over Commandments and set her for Sept 24 well that's the day they chose to have it. Then we got some Smore stuff and went home had a fire made smores and then went to bed.

Thur- We had Zone Training so we got up and did the morning thing then got ready headed to Omaha for that them we did some sweet Book of Mormon Stories charades and it was fun first we had the story of Ammon cutting off the arms defending the flocks. Then because they thought it was so good they asked us to do another which was the Brother Of Jared seeing the Finger of the Lord. And i guess that was so good we had to do a third! which was Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life. Then that was all of them. We went to Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles for lunch and it was good i tried to visit with this Lady sitting next to me while we waited for a table and she said to me i am just here for lunch after she found out what we did. Then we hurried back to Blair to help out at Josephs coat but they were closing in 5 min so we said we could try for Fridays then. We went to Goodwill to do some service there and then had dinner with the Rodenbaugh family.

Fri- We went out to Saw Jeremiah there in the Jail and he was telling us about the story he read of Alma and Amulek when they are freed from the Prison and Benally told him it was through there faith the prison wall fell so we were a little worried if we were going to see a Miracle happen that day but it didn't. We went to see Dalton and he was sleeping so we had a lesson with Clair and she asked about Prophets and so we had a lesson with her on that and she seemed to understand after. Then she asked about her friend who has been doing a lot of things she knows are not right and how it has been affecting her an d she wishes to feel better and more accepted and well you can't feel good when you are knowingly and willingly rebelling against what you know is true.

Sat- We had planned for some Branch Service day and well at 4:58 we got a text asking if we could help a Part member family move a couch. at 6:30 when we got up. We said we could assist in helping them so we went to help him and it turned out we had to go pick it up first then move it in for them so we did got that all done. Went back to help with the other projects going on then finished at lunch at the church with everyone and then got changed did some weekly planning. Went to dinner with the wilson's had a good visit with them then we went out to see the Rocha family they were not home so we went to see the Rodenbaugh Sr.

Sun- we had planned for a miracle and it happened we had 2 investigators at church again not who we had thought though it was one of our less actices kids and the mother of a member from out in Logan Iowa. They were needing some help with there house and came to visit with us and to meet the Branch President. The Talks were great on how we can an need to magnify our Priesthood. After church we went to arlington to help set up for this huge Rummage sale for this weekend. Then we saw Amy and talked about church. Then we had dinner with the Lloyds and the Campbells. Stopped by to see the schmidts due to he broke his foot. then came home.

Well I hope that all is well for everyone I Love you have a great week. Love Elder Lott!

September 8, 2015

Here is the week!

 Mon- We just chilled here in town cause Fremont went to Omaha for the day. It was nice to relax and do some stuff around the house.We went to see the Dick and Beth Rodenbaugh for about a half hour before we had dinner with the Lloyds and well we had given them a chicken to cook up for dinner so when we got there they said it had not cooked all the way through so they would fix up some steaks really quick well that didn't turn out so well either. But we enjoyed each others company and then had to head out for home.

 Tue- We went out to Bro. Bryans and had some service time out there we cleaned up some shingles off the ground and then helped him patch some holes on the roof not being on the roof as we are trying to follow Presidents request to not be on them. Then we had to run into town to see Jeremiah, He is doing well he has been taking his BoM with him around the jail as he has been worried about what people might think but so far its been good. After him we were supose to move some hay but that was postponed for later. We got to meet Jenifer she is a new investigator that we met trying to see her sister but she got up to leave and so we talked with Jenifer shared the Restoration have her a book of Mormon and then invited her to come to church. We Helped a member move a huge cabinet back onto the wall and it was much easier this time with 5 guys rather than 3 the first go round. Then we raced to get dinner from Sister Hager she made us dinner to pick up as her husband is out of town. Then we went to go Home Teaching with Brother Bryan to see the Craigs brother Craig just got out of prison so it was good to see him. Then we went and ate dinner really quick. Then we went over to see the Steve and Jana Rodenbaugh. They told us how they are getting a house as the one they are renting just got put up for sale.

 Wed- We went to town and saw sister Golden we played one round of Kings in the corner and then got a call saying the were ready to start bailing hay so we shared a scripture and then we changed and headed out to see the Burt's to help them with the hay project. We Moved 130 bales and loaded them into a trailer to be taken out to Colorado for his daughters horse. Then we visited for about 15 minutes then Mark Hannah said he wanted to take us to get a milkshake before he had to be in for work. and while we were going he stopped in town to introduce us to Tiana at the Shell Gas Station she was not in then so he said we should try back later. Then we went to Burger King to get our milk shake then there he wanted to introduce us to Gabriel who works there both of them he had visited with previously and said he had some friends that could help them out. Can you guess who they were Yes US!!! Then we had to go to dinner at the Solheims and it was a good time it was the first time in like 20 years they have had the missionaries in their home as her husband donesnt like the missionaries or the church so sinvce he was gone for work we we ate with them.

 Thur- District Meeting. Went had a good time there and Elder Pitcher gave a great first training for us and then I gave one on how we can use the Ward Councel to help our investigators have a better time at church. Then we had lunch at BK. Went to look at this thrift store one of the elders was talking about well it was not thrift store it was a fancy cloth store expensive then we came to town.

 Fri- Was kind for a slow morning for us. We had some Weekly Planning then we went out to see Jeremiah and tried to meet up with some Potential Investigators and most of them were busy so we did some tracting stopped to talk with this guy working on  a retaining wall he said he didn't need help and he was Lutheran but not practicing cause he like to sleep in on Sunday. Then we had dinner at sister Thompsons and had hamburger and hot dogs. They were having a Fire side put on by the BYU football team and so we were trying to find some one to go with casue we new it was gong to be amazing. Well by the time we found some one to go. We had no Ride. So we started calling people Left and right and no one was available to bring us down the couple them selves couldnt drive cause neither one had a licence to do so. So please when there are activitys like this check with the missionaries to see if there is anythings you can do to help them get there with Investigators cause they may NEED it.

Sat- We went to see Dalton and had a good visit for about an hour with him he is a former by the YSA elders and we started teaching him and he has a lot of questions about the Restoration and the Plan Of Salvation and the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. We tried to answer some of them but set up a time to come back on Friday. Then we watched the Football Game we ended up at the phillip 66 gas station for a while until we had to go to dinner so we didnt get to see the epic ending to the game. But dinner was good we had a BBQ with 4 familys and had a good time visiting then saw Amy.

Sun- We had an amazing Miracle happen Raul came to church he is a hispanic who we met a while back he asked us where the church was cause his brother and mom go in mexico and Florida. But he came to church and was early cause he couldnt get hold of us cause our Phone Service stinks out here. But it was good sadly though not many people visited with him while he was there so please visit with people you dont know or dont recognize. it makes there time there better. then we had visits to less actives and investigators had a lesson with James Bolden he seemed to enjoy the Restoration. Then had dinner with the Amandus family then helped a less active with cleaning out some stuff from her storage unit. Ya'll have a great week Love you, Elder Lott

Friday, July 31, 2015

July 27, 2015

 Mon-This week has been a good one for us we went Fishing for p-day last week had a good time we caught a good number of fish. Our Dinner cancelled so we went to another members house.

   Tue- I am not really sure what we did. we did go to see the Otsby's they told us that there was a guy named Jeremiah who got arrested on Sunday evening so we went to see Amy to see what happened. She told us that they were having a BBQ for there brother in law and he was talking mean to Amy so Jeremiah told him to stop so he preceded to assault Jeremiah then the cops were called due to the fact Jeremiah apparently Stabbed his Brother - in - Law. Then they transferred him to Columbus NE due to there was no AC here at the jail.

   Wed- We to attend his court hearing but we were not told the time and it had already happened. So some more taracting.

   Thur- We had District Meeting which didn't happen but let me tell you why. So on our way there we got a call from Elder Lee who is in charge of the cars so he left a message telling us that the Deer Creek Elders who are in my district. had been in a car accident the day before and that Elder Martinez had a minor concussion and so i called them to see  how they were feeling they said not so good so were going to meet them at their apartment so they asked if we would get a free pizza first so we went pick up the pizza and then we went to the apartment had planned to have short meeting due to our time was all messed up but as it happened the meeting didn't then the zone leaders showed up with more pizza and then we visited a little more them we left. We stopped in Ft. Calhoun to see Greg. Then we went to the house dropped off a few things then we headed into town. We had an appointment with the Hall's family and we went over and talked about the Deity of Christ, It was hard due to they didnt read the same bible as us to begin with then they have different meaning for words so it was challenging but good.

  Fri- We Walked into town and the Heat Index for the Day was 108 degrees so yes it was HOT!!! But we did it with a smile on our faces. We walked to where we were told the Relief Society would be meeting but they were not there. So we went to tracting and since it was so hot not many people were out and about but we made the best of the day any how.

   Sat- We went played football in Omaha and it was a good turn out. I played with no shoes on again and Elder Williams had a pair of Track shoes and as he was covering me he stepped on my heal and cut me up. We came home got cleaned up and went out get Tyler to have him come out with us but no one was home. So we went out by  our selves and had a lesson with a couple we met when i unlocked their car. We taught them and their room mates the Restoration and gave on a book of Mormon he would only take it if we took his Alcohol anonymous book. So I told him deal i don't think he thought i would do it but it went well they said they would read and pray and come to church.

Sun- Well we went to have break fast with the Campbell's before we went to church. It was good we had biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs. Then we went to church no one came but Amy did after she got off work which was good she had a good time. Then we went had dinner with the Jensen's family had a lesson about strengthening our faith. Well i hope everyone has a great week Love Elder Lott

Elder Williams with his Bass

5 train cars, carrying coal derailed, so we had to go check it out.